DLG certified wines:
Enjoyment, Connoisseurship, Origin, Price/Performance

The range of wines on the retail shelves is large. With the quality seal “SEHR GUT / EXCELLENT” from our DLG-experts you will receive a shopping help you can rely on. These certified wines connect quality and enjoyment with attractive prices. Why this is so? Here are the convincing arguments:

Why these wines promise to be a great experience
Thanks to the DLG Certificate, consumers can be sure that sustainability, optimised vineyard-management and harvesting, the quality of used fining agents and the enological expertise have all been thoroughly tested.

Why these wines are a testament to connoisseurship
The wide range of carefully selected DLG Certified Wines from around the globe offers something for every taste.

Why the origin of these wines are guaranteed
You can only achieve transparency if you have seen where the product comes from. We cooperate closely with the wine growers in order to meet the required standards.

Why these wines guarantee value for money
Wines certified by DLG help consumers with less wine-know how, who care about price. With DLG Certificate you can rely on getting good value for money.