Wine shopping made easy - with the DLG QR-Code wine

Go on shopping tour with your smart phone into the world of DLG certified wines. With the DLG QR-Code wine you receive all need-to-know information about wines with the DLG Product-Certificate "SEHR GUT / EXCELLENT". Rapidly, compactly and directly during shopping.

How it works:

Each wine awarded with the DLG Product-Certificate has got a product pass with all important information regarding taste, producer, wine region as well as best food matching.

Scan the DLG QR-Code Wine on the bottle with your smartphone and you receive directly the product pass of the wine on your mobile phone.

All special information has been compiled for each wine from the wine experts. You are getting a mobile wine expert at once.

The DLG QR-Code wine provides information about:

  • Taste profile
  • Grape variety
  • The main wine parameters
  • Short description of the wine region
  • Information about the producer
  • Recipe idea
  • Shopping location